Saturday, October 24, 2009

Blogger Help!

So, I've upgraded my old template on Blogger.  I have a simple question for you wizards out there, since I'm not a master code monkey.  How do I get the main body of my posts to be WIDER, rather than 2 inches wide???

At the recommendation of an anonymous commenter, I also installed APTURE, which I will be experimenting with.  Unfortunately, it is useless until i figure out how to get the new Blogger template to work, which I am unable to do



Kid Dynamite said...

i gave up on the new template - i figured out how to widen the main body text, but that bumped the sidebar links off to the bottom, which i couldn't remedy.. fahhhhhk

Chuck said...

KD - I use the same template on mine and have played around with the margins and column widths to get what I want. You still trying to do something other than what I see today? Great blog, btw, as a finance guy and poker degenerate, I read it religiously. I'll check these comments for your reply.

Kid Dynamite said...

hey chuck - i had to undo the changes - so yeah, i'm still trying to get it right.

i tried to upgrade the blogger template. then i went into the section where the column widths were, and tried to change them to the settings which I have now, which are something like 460px left justified for the main body, and 220px right justified for the sidebar stuff, but it didn't work - it bumped the sidebar links to the bottom of the page. maybe i need to just keep f'ing around with it, but i didn't want to destroy my layout.

if you want, let me know what it says for the coded portion of the main body part of your blog, in terms of justify and width.

thanks for your help

Chuck said...

I'm no code monkey either but think I understand what's wrong with what you tried. I never saw your "new template" but think what you did NOT do is adjust #outer-wrapper. Here are the changes I made to mine:

I changed #header-wrapper from 660 to 850 (this is the top header box)

I changed #outer-wrapper from 660 to 850 (this is the width of all content, this might be your issue)

I changed #main-wrapper from 410 to 550 (this is the width of a post)

I changed #sidebar-wrapper from 220 to 255 (width of right sidebar)

Kid Dynamite said...

thanks chuck - i'll mess around with it in the coming weeks

SirFWALGMan said...

i can help you one night. IM me if you wanna crank it out. The reason it went to the bottom is the container is [x] width and you said make the middle [y] width which made the middle+side>x. A better approach might be saying "I want the middle to be 75% of the page and the sidebar to be 25%.. then when people with different screen resolutions see the page it will keep those rations.