Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Two Bands You Need to See

One of the things I'm going to miss most about NYC is the easy access to quality live music.  There are a number of venues within walking distance from my apartment where I can go on almost any random Saturday night and be quite confident that I'm going to see more than one band that will make me say "wow - that was well worth the $8 cover charge."

I actually pulled my wedding band out of the Lion's Den on Sullivan Street (now renamed Sullivan Hall) many years ago after seeing them randomly on a Thursday night, and recognizing their awesome talent.  My favorite band from the past few years, though, has been Leroy Justice, who I've had the privilege of seeing somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 times at venues varying from the Bitter End to Mercury Lounge.    Leroy Justice's Southern inspired rock is reminiscent of the Black Crowes, with a touch of Led Zeppelin and maybe some Jet thrown in for good measure.

The band is playing the Bitter End on Halloween, where they will perform 2 sets of music, including a full cover of the Steve Miller Band's greatest hits.   You will not regret making them a part of your evening.

The other band you absolutely cannot miss seeing right now is Sirsy - a duet who plays more than 200 live shows a year.   Melanie Krahmer plays a drum set standing up, while wailing on vocals, and occasionally picking up a flute as she continues to stomp on her base drum, as Rich Libutti accompanies mostly on bass guitar, sometimes adding piano or playing the snare with his feet.    Krahmer also wields her drumsticks like weapons - swinging them aggressively, like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct might have.  To compare them to the White Stripes or the Ting Tings would be a total sin - as Sirsy is similar to those bands only in that they are all two piece bands.  Sirsy flat out rocks - with pure talent, and Krahmer's searing raspy voice  evokes reminders of Alannis Morissette, Janis Joplin, Pink and Pat Benatar.

Sirsy dominates the NorthEast, giving you ample opportunity to see them when they come to a town near you - don't miss them.


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SIRSY said...

Hey KD!
Thanks so much for the kind words! We do LOVE playing the Bitter End!
--Mel and Rich
P.S. We're back there sat Jan 2!