Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Homeownership Update

I'm back from Vegas, and busy crafting a trip report which will be well worth your time to read.  In the meantime, the total in the New Hampshire mouse wars so far is Kid Dynamite 2, Mice 1:  they managed to snatch superglued dog food kibble off one of the traps, but two mice succumbed to Mrs. Dynamite's patented bait technique.   We have another batch of baited traps ready to go.

Friday morning, before I departed for Vegas, I came downstairs to find that my freezer had melted.  The fridge/freezer unit was on, but not cold.  Crappola.  Mrs. Dynamite handled it, calling the company who dispatched a certified technician.   This guy noted that he could see from the records that in September of 2008 a technician from a different company had been dispatched when the previous owners had the same problem.  This prior scumbag told KitchenAid that he replaced the compressor, but merely did a craptastic patch job on it - unbeknownst to anyone until this new technician pulled the unit out and could easily diagnose it. 

This is another joy of home ownership - not only do you have to worry about shoddy work and being cheated by service providers,  here we got hosed because the PRIOR owners got cheated by a service provider.  Since their technician screwed them over by not actually replacing the compressor, we have to eat the cost of installing a new compressor.  Sweet!  Fortunately, we are lucky enough to have a second fridge/freezer unit to take care of our food while we await the replacement parts.

Stay tuned all week for the Vegas recap.



Josh from Hadley said...

You should've just moved the whole thing outside. It was cold enough to keep things from spoiling last weekend.

Joel said...

totally feel your pain... when we moved in we found a massive water leak, from a "fixed" roof section. Inspection missed, previous owners thought it was fixed, so we got stuck with the bill

Daveincalifornia said...

Hey, Kid...can't take it with you. Take it as an object lesson for the children. Anyway...good luck.