Monday, November 22, 2010

Chart it Up!

Seeking Alpha has been working on ways to add more value for their users, which has resulted in them launching an "app store."  Fortunately, there are several free apps, including a pretty interesting charting application from  ChartFacts allows users to easily retrieve, customize, and overlay a variety of data streams. (Note: I think you will have to have Microsoft Silverlight installed to see these embedded charts, but not to create your own charts - you can save them as images too)

So if you wanted to quickly pull up a chart of 30 year mortgage rates, you can do that:

If you were more interested in the weather in Concord, NH, you can do that too:

Notice that I clicked on "min" "max" and "mean" - you have the choice of including whichever data you want.

I was even able to graph Wade Boggs's performance over his career, again choosing the categories I wanted:

I found ChartFacts well worth the time to play with, enabling users to quickly and easily obtain well formatted charts to use in whatever illustration they are trying to make.


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