Friday, November 19, 2010

Dear Penthouse? Or the New York Times? Take III

It's that time again - I give you a quote, and you tell me if it comes from a Dear Penthouse (NSFW) letter, or from the New York Times.

“I didn’t really expect her to touch my vagina through my pants.”

This one is tricky.  It screams "Dear Penthouse" so loudly that you might be inclined to guess that it's a trick, but then again, you know that I know that you know... etc..

Sadly, this quote is indeed from the NY Times - today's article about passenger complaints regarding the new TSA pat downs.

For earlier episodes of Dear Penthouse or the NY Times see this post, and this one.

ps - I was hesitant to write this post, because I am positively not making fun of the fact that people feel molested by airport security - but the quote was just too good to pass up.  When life gives you lemons...


Anonymous said...

When life give me lemons I sniff them and squeeze them using latex gloves.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many TSA agents will end up on the sexual predators list from all of this?

Hey, I wonder how many closet pervs start applying for TSA positions?


HR Dobbs

vjk said...

Well, even in Stalin's Soviet Union, one had to be arrested by the KGB before being subjected to this kind of treatment.

The Gulag is us, and few care ...

What is funny, no coercion a la Soviet Union was needed, the sheeple just accepted the new regime. Quite interesting, sociologically speaking.

The alternative to being groped without any shred of legality is not very appealing either.

Skin cancer would likely be the primary concern, he said. Each time the same person receives a backscatter scan, the small risk associated with the low dose of radiation is multiplied by the number of exposures.
" (

"Dr. Marc Shuman, a cancer expert and one of the concerned California professors, said the four are in the process of writing a detailed response to the Department of Health and Human Services but called the agency's arguments "seriously flawed." Shuman said they believe there should be a moratorium on full-body scanning until further study is conducted."(ibid)

So, it's either being molested by TSA, or increase risk of melanoma plus TSA made soft porno with your unwilling participation.

Apparently, they are going to install the same kind of scanners in courts and other federal buildings too.

Kid Dynamite said...

VJK - if they install it in Federal buildings, that opens up a whole other can of worms. Technically, flying is optional. you CAN choose not to fly. But you can't choose not to go to court.

and please, literal nitpickers, i don't want to debate this... I am not saying that I approve of these new TSA searches, and I would probably decline the x-ray in favor of the junk-check.

Anonymous said...

Courtesy of Michael Chertoff,the lying Israeli mole and 9-11 scam perp. No American should rest until he hangs.

itsgold said...

Most of my vacations each year is done through flying. The hassle I'm seeing in the news has totally turned me off to traveling via air. I've already decided its not worth the hassle anymore to fly.

If the TSA's plan was to dissuade as many people as possible from flying, then it has worked.

Kid Dynamite said...

i encourage readers to share embellished stories of their TSA experiences - even if that happens to mean "I had a pat down and it wasn't bad"

Anonymous said...

I flew between DFW and SFO November 11 and the 16th. Flight from DFW to SFO was a non event. The new screening machines weren't being used at the time. However, the flight from SFO to DFW the new screening machines were turned on. In my 30 minutes spent in the screening line, I witnessed mostly elderly persons and mothers going through the new screening machine. I saw one wheelchair bound senior receive a pat down, but it didn't look nearly as invasive as some of the more extreme stories I've seen on the internet so far.

I did go through the new screen machine, and overall, the added screening machine didn't inconvenience me that much more then walking through the metal detector.

Anonymous said...

I doubt that it was indeed her vagina. Her labia, perhaps.