Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ice Ice Baby Too Cold

I went snowshowing with my wife yesterday.  Yep - that's just how I roll - try finding another member of the financial blogosphere who went snowshoeing this week.  Even Josh Brown can't touch this.  It's starting to feel like the Overlook Hotel up here, with a new dosing of snow every week, and roadside snowbanks piling ever higher.

The forecast for tonight is for a negative 15 degree temperature (EDIT:  new forecast is negative 23!).  Not windchill - mind you - temperature.  That's friggin' cold.  I'm pretty sure it's the coldest weather I've ever been in anywhere I've ever lived, and I've lived in the Northeast for my entire life.   I will attempt to warm myself by cranking the below video and busting out some vintage dance moves:



Onlooker said...

I know the feeling. I spent 3 years at Loring AFB up in the northern tip of Maine. It was a weird experience (for us Midwesterners) having the snow just pile up higher and higher throughout the winter with no real melt off until Spring finally came around. Our walkways became walled carve outs in many places.

And the last stubborn,dirty black, icy vestiges of the snow piles built by dumping excavated snow from the aircraft parking ramps didn't fully melt off until some time in June!

I'm back to a more mild Midwest winter climate in MO.

wcw said...

-23 is freaking cold. I went nordic skiing once in the minus twenties. It wasn't so bad as long as you kept moving, but my wife, who eschewed goggles, developed icicles hanging from her eyelashes.

The next morning was -38.

We moved back to California that year.