Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegas Martin Luther King Day 2011 - PREtrip Report

We have a first here at Kid Dynamite's World.  After I sent this story to my most loyal reader, Bones, he replied "PRETRIP REPORT!!!"  And so it is...

So I'm going to Vegas NEXT weekend, MLK weekend (Jan 14th).  Dirty Dave and three of his friends are coming, along with Big Show and his wife.

Sitting around at home last Friday evening (Jan 7th), I suddenly got the idea to screw with Dirty Dave.  I sent him a text "I'm here. Aria poker room. Text me when you land."

Then I sat back and giggled and waited.  As we all arrive in Vegas, there are always a barrage of texts sent back and forth to establish where everyone is.  45 minutes later, I sent him another: "Just got stacked via a sick cold deck. gonna take a walk. maybe i'll make it to In'n'out burger.  Call me when you get to the cab line."

30 minutes later, my phone rings.  It's Dave.

dave: "Hey - where are you?"
me (music on my computer playing in the background). "Huh? I'm in Vegas.  Where are you?"
dave: "What?  When was the last time you talked to Big Show?"
me: "This afternoon.  Why?"
dave, mumbling: "what did he say?  when does his flight land?"
me: "he said he's retired. his flight lands at 8pm."
dave, knowing it's NEXT week that Big Show lands: "TONIGHT?"
me: "I mean, I ASSUMED it was tonight! What are you talking about?"
dave: silence.. then "oh man - my heart is SINKING right now. I can't believe this."

Sadly, I'm a horrendous bluffer, and while I should have taken it another three minutes, let him explain that it was NEXT week that they were all coming, and then lament how I was going to have to sleep in the IP parking garage, I let him off the hook and told him I was just messing with him...

He said "I mean, I looked back at all the emails after I got your texts, and everyone said "I'm in, Friday to Monday," but no one put the dates! I figured if anyone didn't know the holiday wrap weekend, it would be the guy who's out of the system!  I was wondering how you were going to explain to your wife that you were doing a NINE DAY Vegas wrap once you figured it out"

I said "I was going to tell you that I was going to Wal-mart to buy a sleeping bag and a box of cereal bars and sleep in the IP parking garage."

anyway, it could have been an all time legendary one, but I am a bad bluffer so it was just GOOD.
Stay tuned next week for the post-trip report!


J Johnson said...

hilarious...can't wait for the wrap up reports!!

JhighPaiGow said...
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JhighPaiGow said...

Let's try this again.

You should try the parking garage at the El Cortez sometime, just to keep it spicy.

If the relative casino<->garage smell relationship holds, it could be a real treat. Plus there is a $1 craps kicker.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Have fun!

BrendoD said...

Hey KD,

Funny stuff. You have any good gambling reads to improve your poker/BlackJ game? Keep up the posts!

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy your descriptions of the people, the logistics, and the eating in Vegas, Kid.

Unknown said...

Make sure you steer clear of those pesky addicitive slot machines.

Also, NFL divisional round home teams are 5-11 ATS the last 4 seasons. What does that mean? Probably nothing. But I sense the +EV may be on the dogs this weekend.

Jon said...

Going to be in vegas myself this weekend! With some poker players no less.