Thursday, August 25, 2005

At Least it Was an Interesting Hand

After several days enjoying the perfect weather and sun, it was good to completely waste my day off today sitting inside in a thoroughly mediocre 1-2NL game. I played the following interesting hand early on:
6 handed. 3 folds to me on the button. Both blinds are new to me, I've seen them play for about 90 minutes, and they appear to be very tight/passive players.
I have 9-6 of hearts ($550 stack), and raise to $7. SB folds, and Steve in the BB ($400 stack) calls.
flop: A-T-3 all hearts.
Steve checks to me. I bet $10. Steve check-raises to $30. I think for 15 seconds and re-raise to $90. Steve makes it $190 relatively quickly, and it's back on me. He has about $280 left, I have him covered.
Wow. I'm thinking I'm just about a good enough player to lay this flush down - this guy hasn't played a hand yet in the time he's been here - I had better analyze the situation...
Steve's possible holdings:
A bigger flush? He's not the kind of guy who'd call with K-9 or even J-9 of hearts... I think K-Q, Q-J or K-J of hearts are his only possible bigger flush holdings - and even K-J may be unlikely...
Two pair: A-T is certainly possible - I think he'd probably play it this way...
A Set.: 3-3 or T-T are highly likely - he'd DEFINITELY play them this way... A-A is possible, but rather unlikely.
A bare heart: K-Q with the K of hearts? A-K with the K of hearts?
Now, the second part of the equation: what do I think that Steve thinks I have? I certainly do not think he puts me on a flopped flush. I've played thus far with confidence and aggression, and he may think I'm flexing my muscles by defending against his check-raise with my re-raise, but I certainly don't think he is on a pure bluff. He has to give me credit for some kind of hand - maybe a medium Ace, and he's telling me it's no good...
I think for a solid 4 minutes, and eventually come over the top all in. Steve calls for his last $280, and shows me A-K, with the K of hearts.
I was quite pleased that I'd made the right decision...Although I didn't really like the 4 of hearts on the turn which left me drawing dead.
net for the session: 5 hours, -$246
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