Sunday, August 28, 2005

F'n Golf?

Big Show and Tubbo 'da King came into town this weekend to celebrate MO's bachelor party. We played golf on Saturday out on Long Island. This was the first time I have ever been on a golf course. I was counting on my Boston putt-putt mini-golf upbringing to carry me on the greens, but there were no holes with windmills or multi-level tunnels or ramps at Plandome Country Club. Taking advantage of the 9-max per hole scoring system I implemented, I carded a 133 I think. Actually, that was pretty conservative - I even managed to bogey one hole! Boo-yah!
I didn't play any poker after Friday's session, but after I get caught up at work (returning from a week off - man... so hard to get back into the swing!), I may throw down a few short sessions mid-week. I'm sure I'll have some thoughts on the 3 CardPlayer back issues I'm still working through, and the latest ESPN WSOP broadcasts as always.
Three day weekend pending: Labor Day!


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