Monday, August 15, 2005

My Ali-like return to the Online Ring

First off, there are no bad beat stories here. I post these hands to illustrate, well, there's a point, just read on...
I hate online poker... i'll write about that in another post... Suffice it to say that i haven't played in so long that Party Poker failed when it tried to do the auto-update because my software was out of date... i had to re-download from scratch... that should have been a sign.
anyway, i sat in a $400 (2-4 blinds) NL table. I ground my stack up to over $550, playing as disciplined as i possibly could. I even mucked KQ (aka: THE NUTS!) preflop for a $15 raise. I know.. I'm insane (don't worry - they weren't suited).
The table was very tight. Preflop raises FREQUENTLY went uncontested... I began to wonder if i'd go on tilt if i got Aces, raised to $12, and everyone folded... I guess that would have been better than this:
UTG folds.
Dr_Incredibl calls
reesecal calls
KD is next with red Aces. I raise to $22.
folded around through Dr_Incredibl, but reesecal calls $18 more.
ok good! action!
Flop ** : [ Js, 8h, 4h ]
reesecal checks. KidDynamite4 bets (51) reesecal calls (51). hmmm... 95% of the time on Party i think this means i'm up against a flush draw.
Turn ** : [ Qc ] reesecal checks. KidDynamite4 bets (153) reesecal calls (153). Yep . flush draw for sure. Weak call with a flush draw, but hey - that's Party right?
Dealing River ** : [ 3c ] reesecal checks. KidDynamite4 checks.
$459 pot
now. I put Reesecal on a flush draw... or maybe a hand like A-J, K-J, hopefully not QJ... maybe JT.
in any case, i'm not betting this river.
What pisses me off is he has pocket 4's (4c 4s).
Hey: Reesecal: DO YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK I AM? Seriously - do i LOOK fucking retarded? please don't insult me by checking that hand to me on the river you douchebag - if you'd bet, i, moron that i am, would have put you on a busted flush draw and called a significant wager.
Justice would have been if a heart had come on the turn, and he'd checked it to me. I would have slowed down, and checked behind him... Then, another miracle heart would have appeared on the rio to make me the runner-runner nuts.
muthafucka checking that hand to me on the river! how DARE you!
i played one other interesting hand:
fold fold fold fold, then Douchebag1 ($118 stack) raises to $9. one more fold, and I call on the button with Ac2c ($350 stack), starting to lose patience a bit perhaps. SB folds, BB (Douchebag2 $87 stack) calls
Flop ** : [ 3c, 5s, 5c ]
Douchebag1 bets $15. I smooth call the $15 with my overcard, nut flush draw, and gutshot draw. Douchebag2 moves all in for $78. Douchebag1 moves all in for $110 total. I call.
Turn ** : [ Kh ]
River ** : [ 2h ]
Douchebag1 had Qc Qd
Douchebag2 had 6d 4s and took down the main pot with a ridiculous river straight.
what's interesting here is that i'm a favorite on the flop:
from the analyzer:
QcQd: 37.7% EV
Ac2c: 44.4% EV
6c4s: 18.4% EV
until next time,

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Joshua said...

Party Poker SUCKS. There are much better sites to play on.

I'm very interested in why you hate online games.