Friday, August 26, 2005

The Gal behind the Guy

Q: How does a married guy with a full time job find time to play poker?
A: It is essential to have a supportive, understanding wife - and Ms. Dynamite is 'da bomb.
Ms. Dynamite, although she really doesn't like poker, is always supportive of my exploits, and will always listen to the stories of my eventful hands... And I don't mean "listen" like she sits and stares at me and nods while she's thinking about something else - I mean "listen" like she'll cut me off and say "you flopped an open-ended draw! You have eight outs!" I mean seriously - how proud can I be?
Unfortunately, I can't seem to convince Ms. Dynamite to take up the game of poker, but she still proved her prowess by liquidating me twice in $5 NL Freezeouts - using her feminine powers to tell when I'm being dishonest and sniff out every bluff I make.
So ladies - support your poker playing man - and Ms. Dynamite, I thank you.

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