Thursday, August 11, 2005

Stuey "the Kid" Ungar

The Big Show came to visit this past weekend.

After a hard Saturday night of drinking and VIP service at the hands of JoeC, we were recuperating on Sunday, and I suggested we watch High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story, which i'd previously purchased on DVD, but had not yet seen. I had high hopes for this film, as i'd just finished reading the Stu Ungar biography One of a Kind. Big Show says "Sure - let's watch the movie," - saying he'd seen it already, but he'd watch it again.

Well, the Big Show apparantly wanted me to waste two hours of my life on Sunday, because this movie blows. There is one redeeming scene where Michael Imperioli (Christopher, from The Sopranos) thrashes Mr. Myagi in a game of gin, but apart from that, the movie is a complete bust. Total shame too, as Imperioli could have been the perfect Stuey, if only he had a decent screenplay.

I do suggest you read the book - One of a Kind, by Nolan Dalla and Peter Alson. From the tales recounted in the book, it's hard to imagine anyone being as good at anything as Stuey was at gin. He completely dominated anyone and everyone - but lacked the skill or desire to HUSTLE his opponents - he simply wanted to break them.
I gained a measure of time-wasting revenge on the Big Show by retailiating with another personalized recommendation i had purchased: California Split - a 70's movie about a variety of gambling themes... We couldn't even make it 1/2-way through. Uggh. I need to stop purchasing crappy movies i haven't seen.
Overall, a brutal disappointment from two films which had held high hopes.

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The_Chef said...

That book is hands down one of he best I've ever read on one of the real 'players' in poker. But yeah, that movie sucked so much ass, I couldn't believe I sat there waiting for it to get better, PLEASE just get better, one scene with a hooker, a boob shot, something!

But alas, twas not meant to be.