Saturday, August 13, 2005

the NEW greatest hand ever

Last night, live 1-2NL in the City. I only had an hour to play, as it was the eve of Ms. Dynamite's birthday.
here's the situation:
I muck Q-4 offsuit UTG. two mucks behind me, then Larry ($500 stack) opens for $16. Billy ($1100), who's next, makes it $50 to go. 3 folds to the button (sitting on a monster stack: $2500), who cold calls $50. The SB, who has raised 80% of the pots since i sat down, calls $49 more!
flop: K-Q-T rainbow.
SB checks. Larry checks. Billy thinks for 90 seconds, and settles on a $300 bet into the $200 pot. Billy is a pretty tight, solid player. He's an eccentric old-school New Yorker who never fails to entertain me.
now, the button smooth calls the $300! SB folds, and Larry check-raises all-in for $495 total.
Billy quickly calls the additional $195, and the Button now tries to re-raise all-in. Billy instantly informs him that he cannot do so, as the house rule requires the previous action (Larry's raise) to be a FULL raise in order to re-open action.
The dealer and the players begin to debate what the rule actually is, when suddenly, Larry, who has since stood up, looks down and shouts "WHERE'S MY HAND?"
The Dealer, Brian, in the excitement, has MUCKED Larry's hand.
Larry is about to flip. Now, everyone knows that as soon as your hand hits the muck, it's dead - but Larry is a respected member of the club, and no one wants to see anyone get fucked like that, so, this being a club not a casino, they try to reach an acceptable resolution.
Brian says "Tell Ivan what your cards were," and Larry whispers "J-9" in Ivan's ear. Brian pulls the top two cards out of the muck, and slides them to Ivan, who peeks at them, and, with a look of dismay, shakes his head.
Now, at this point, i burst out laughing - it's absolutely absurd - like Ivan was somehow instantly appointed the Judge, and yet the cards Brian fished out are STILL not Larry's. PREPOSTEROUS!
Now, Eric, the floor manager comes over to try to solve the problem. In the meantime, neither Billy nor the Button seem the SLIGHTEST big concerned that Larry's hand may be fished out of the muck, and it quickly becomes apparant that Larry does not have the best hand!
Larry walks over to The Vortex and me, standing to the side now, and Vortex says "you just saved yourself $500". "No way - Larry's money is in the pot already - regardless of what happens to his hand," i tell him, and Larry knows this is the case. Vortex was not at the table, and didn't realize the action sequence. Larry, by now, also realizes that his hand is likely no good, and is taking the situation pretty well.
Eric rules that the hand, beyond the shadow of a doubt is dead. BUT, since this is a club where they strive for fairness (especially in a huge pot like this) - the players in the hand, Billy and the Button, say that they will take Larry's word, and allow Eric to search the muck for his hand - even though Larry couldn't name his suits!!!! They search the muck, and fish out a J-9 !(without telling the players in the hand what the cards were, although i think they probably heard amongst all the discussion.
but wait... it gets better.
they deal the turn: JACK, putting K-Q-T-J on the board, and making two spades.
Billy checks, and the Button quickly pushes all-in. Billy says "That's just great.. you have A-J. I call" and calls for $500 more.
Before the dealer can deal the river, Billy shouts "HOLD THE DECK!" and asks the button if he'd like to do business: run the river 3 times to reduce volatility, as this is a $2700 pot.
The button responds, "I don't see what could beat me," he has A-J of course, and is oblivious to the fact that Billy clearly has a set.
Billy, annoyed out of his mind that he knows he's losing this pot, and that the Button doesn't get it, makes some snide remark, but still doesn't turn his cards faceup.
The Button says "Oh, you could make a flush," !!!!! yeah! that's it! he had a backdoor flush draw! "Let's just run it once."
so Brian knocks the table, throws down a burn card and deals the river....
QUEEN! pairing the board!
Standing behind the table, i shout "BOO YAH!" as Billy slams his K-K face-up on the table, and spends 20 mintues raking in this $2700 pot.
Overall - a completely ridiculous sequence of events: from Larry flopping a straight but drawing dead to a chop, and having his hand mucked, THEN fished OUT of the muck...Ivan somehow being appointed arbiter... Billy realizing he was crushed, but getting odds to call anyway, and then the Button refusing to do business on the river and still having no clue what Billy's hand was... And then the dramatic ending: Billy being rescued by the paired board!
nice hand sir.

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