Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday Night Homegame

Friday night I hosted another edition of the Kid Dynamite home game. E-dub, H0nus, TwinC, Ranxx and Mergie showed up for 7 hours of dealers choice mayhem. All games had to be, as stipulated by Ranxx, "dealt in a casino," and included, PL and NL Holdem, PL Omaha, PL Omaha high-low, PL Stud eight or better, PL and NL Pineapple, and, as per E-dub: 3-6 limit hold'em.

TwinC traded on his tight reputation early, by getting me to laydown a set of queens on a K-Q-T flop in PL Omaha high. He showed a set of tens. I extracted my revenge by sucking out on him in pineapple, when my AdKd flush draw cracked his top two pair.

In stud eight or better, Mergie and I played a monster pot, when I jammed my low draw all the way. I started with 8-3-2 of clubs (with the ace and 4 of clubs dead in other hands), and raised to $5. On fourth street, I caught an offsuit 6, to Mergie's A-5. He bet $10. I raised to $30, he called. Fifth street gave me a 5 for a made low, and he spiked a nine. Mergie checked, I bet $75, he called. Sixth street paired Mergie's 9, and he checked again, to my 7. I bet $125, and he called again! On 7th street, I caught a 4 to make me a straight 6, and Mergie checked to me once again. We each had about $400 left, and I bet $150, which he called, hoping to chop the pot with his two pair. My small straight scooped a big pot.

I gave Mergie his money back 20 minutes later in the Omaha round though: in a raised pot, I held T-9-7-6 with the T-9 suited and the 7-6 suited. On the flop of A-8-5 with two spades (NOT one of my suits), Ranxx and TwinC checked to E-dub, who bet the pot of $35. I smooth called, and Mergie made it $140 to go with a pot-sized raise. It was folded back to E-dub, who mucked his top two pair, and I went into the tank, trying to count all my outs with my uber-wrap draw. Even if I took out the flush card outs, I still had a plethora of outs, and Mergie and I were both deep stacked ($800+), so I decided to just call.

The turn brought an offsuit 8, and I checked, with Mergie checking behind me, but not before making a comment about how he didn't know what I had, but he thought that he was good for at least 1/2 the pot on the low side. What? What the fuck? I forgot we were playing Omaha8! My hand was playable in Omaha HIGH, but not in O8. Major fucking blunder.

The river was a 9, making me a straight and I again checked to Mergie, who drunkenly mumbled, "I've got so much shit going on here, if you can beat me on both, good luck to you," and fired out $250. I called, and he showed the same 6-7 straight for high, and the nut low.

Moral of the story: when you're playing dealer's choice rotation, make sure you know what the fuck game you're playing before you get involved in a big pot with a hand meant for the OTHER game! I ended up getting quartered on the hand, as we chopped the high, and Mergie scooped the low.

In the end, Mergie dug himself out of a 3-buy-in hole, and even made it back to Hoboken in time to take a run at some of the young talent at his local bar. I'll have to get a full report later on his success rate.

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