Monday, July 24, 2006

Oppressionist Regime

So Foxwoods isn't the only poker room on Earth with Stalinist oppressionist rules: check out this shit from the Tropicana.

I notice on Friday morning as I'm playing 2-5NL, there's a pot in which I raise to $25, and I get called 3 times before it's reraised to $65. I see the dealer pulling out chips for the rake (10% up to $4). Now, the action is coming back to me, and this is my fucking pot, so I ask him, "You are pulling the rake already, even if there's no flop?"

"Yes, the money is committed to the pot," he tells me...

I shake my head and re-raise to $200... Anyway...

Later that night, different table, different dealer, I find AA and raise to $20. Everyone folds, and the dealer pushes me SIX dollars. I look at him, staring at the $6, like "What the fuck?"

"10% rake: $1 for rake." He knows exactly what I'm looking at.

"You do NOT rake the pot when someone steals the blinds," I'm in shock.

"Yes sir, that's the rule. Your $20 raise is really a call of $5 and then a raise of $15. When you have called the $5, there is $12 in the pot." Seriously - the Trop is really trying to TILT me, but I'm from the "nothing fazes Bill Gazes" school.

"You're kidding, right?" I can't believe it.

"No sir."

I later track down a floorman to confirm this, and the shift supervisor confirms that the dealer was correct.




The Bracelet said...

What the fuck ever happened to common sense and taking care of your customers? The 80-20 rule doesn't exist because businesses fucked over every customer that walked in the door to maximize profits. I hate people.

Anonymous said...

I'm about to hit Vegas. I came back to reread this so I knew to avoid this shit. Please tell me the Wynn's games have no-flop/no-drop rule.

Kid Dynamite said...

yes - Wynn and Mirage structures are normal - no flop no drop

and Bellagio finally fixed the buy-in on their 2-5NL game.. now $200-$500, where i believe it used to be just $300 min/max