Thursday, July 06, 2006

Vegas Baby?

I lay awake this morning at 2am dreaming about poker... Raising from the cutoff with 4d5d. Bluffing the river in the Wynn peach chip game, simply OWNING the game. Young made-for-tv superstars coming over the top of my AA preflop. Rope-a-doping the local wannabe pros in the Mirage 2-5NL game with a dizzying mixture of passive-aggressive play. Six Sigmas at the Mirage. Hitting the IP late night for some ridiculously drunk double deck blackjack where we STILL had a remnance of an edge on the count. Getting thrown out of the Frontier for working a 1-15 bet spread in their super deep penetration double deck game.

I emailed Eric this morning, telling him I was ready to book the trip, just give me the go ahead. I'd scouted planefares and hotel rates already, and I was confident that there were stacks and towers of checks worth of dead money awaiting us all over the strip. Alas, it wasn't meant to be, as E-dub couldn't make it next weekend. Instead, I'll hit up String Cheese Incident at Radio City on Friday night, and perhaps A.C. the weekend after. Vegas is imminent in August. An unavoidable collision course.


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