Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Can you Feel the Tilt?

I was going back and forth with Bones and Dirty Dave this morning, trying to convey exactly how TILTed I was on Friday night as I left the Chinatown Home Game.

Let's consider the factors:

1) It was Friday night - I just wanted to have some fun and play some cards
2) This was the softest game around - a "can't lose" game - it was basically a gift that I'd manage to penetrate it, like Mikey & Worm in the Trust Fund game in Rounders.
3) They were using dog eared raggedy paper fucking cards!
4) hard table - not felt
5) no massage girls
6) I was coming down with a brutal case of something flu-like: growing soar throat, head cold
7) I got action when I didn't want it, and no action when I wanted it.
8) I dropped two buy-ins

So, I stagger out onto Bowery, intent on grabbing a cab and putting an end to my misery. But wait - more TILT-a-liciousness: no fucking cabs. I walk around the corner to the subway. Many subway stations in NYC have an uptown entrance on the East side of the street, and a downtown entrance on the West side of the street. Since I had been caught in a mass of humanity on the way to the game, I assumed that the Grand Street station was one of these, and I waited for 2 minutes to cross the street. It wasn't until I was entering the station that I realize that I could have used the entrance I'd stood at for the previous 2 minutes.... Why does this matter you may ask?

Well, because I missed the subway train by 30 seconds, and I had to sit there, Friday night, 10pm, on SUPER-UBER-MEGA-TILT in the fucking Grand Street subway station for twenty mutherfucking minutes waiting for the next train!! Aiyahhh!

The only way this situation could have gotten worse was if I'd decided to go home and log on to Party Poker to grind it out in some PLAY MONEY POKER!!!!!

At least Bones and Dirty Dave got a kick out of it, appreciation the TILT warranted by the situation.

I was just re-reading my 2006 Vegas Summer Slam trip reports - and they made me feel better.. Read part one here, and part two here. Good stuff.


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KrazyBangs said...

Great Trips reports... Come to Full Tilt.. you know you want to!