Saturday, October 07, 2006

Me Gusta El Beisbol

{Trying very hard not to make this a Yankees Suck post}

You have to hand it to the Detroit Tigers. 13 consecutive losing seasons, and finally Detroit Rock City is back in the playoffs. Of course, they figured to be a snack for the Evil Empire - as the healthy New York Yankees put together what was quite possible the most lethal batting lineup in major league baseball history.

Damon. Jeter. Abreu. Sheffield. Giambi. A-rod. Matsui. Posada. Cano.


Someone forgot to tell the Tigers that they had no chance, and they put a 3 games to 1 whooping on the Yankees. Now, as a Boston fan, this goes beyond my natural Yankee-hating tendencies: Detroit's victory over the Forces of Darkness is good for baseball. It shows that all the money in the world purchasing the most dangerous arsenal of mercenary batsmen ever, can still be beaten.

You know what I liked most about Detroit? The way they celebrated. Taking laps around their home field, high fiving their fans and throwing hats into the crowd. Kenny Rogers spraying champagne all over the crowd - and dumping it on a cop's head. They celebrated like the Red Sox would have. Like a bunch of Idiots.

Go Tigers.


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