Monday, October 30, 2006


ESPN's Sports Guy Bill Simmons wrote a top notch piece about his memories of Red Auerbach. It's a must read. I don't have memories of Red, specifically, but I have a handfull of memories of Larry Bird, the old Boston Garden, and select snapshots from Bruins games vividly ingrained in my mind, which I'll address another time.

I'm on severe tilt after demonstrating this week that I have absolutely NO clue how to solve NFL wagering. I dropped 10 units in one week, with not a single winning wager. Ouch.

Here's a picture of Oscar, hating his Halloween costume, but looking cute doing it:

And a picture of him lounging in bed:

until next time,



KrazyBangs said...

I might know who you are, even if others have no clue you are Kid Dynamite... but yoru dog is the motherfucking pimp on 4 legs. Better recognize!

Blonde said...

I love that friggin dog!!!!

He is a mini rock star...