Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Quality Readings Link Dump

I was honored to be included in the Reformed Broker's Periodic Table of Finance Bloggers under the category of "rogues gallery." 

Paul Kedrosky's chart of the price of gold, in gold, is good for a laugh.

Howard Lindzon'z New New NASDAQ is worth a read.

Peter Boockvar on how the Fed has done in its goal to maintain the purchasing power of the dollar (hint:  not very well!)

MISH on the jobs outlook - even with assumptions about job creation, we're going to have very high unemployment for a very long time.

Calculated Risk:  record mortgage delinquency

Barry Ritholtz with a graphic from  Who Pays Taxes in the USA?  (the top 3.5% of earners pay over 60% of the tax dollars)



EconomicDisconnect said...

Thanks for the Kedrosky gold chart, that cracked me up.

asphaltjesus said...

You know that income tax chart is very misleading.

The top 1% take home *far* more than everyone else combined. One example, they are collecting money many other ways not categorized as income in the tax code. They also own the overwhelming majority of all assets.

Ordinary schlubs receive probably 100% of our money reported as income and own nothing compared to the top 1%.

Kid Dynamite said...

@asphaltjesus - yeah, and? the top 3.5% of earners (PEOPLE) pay 60% of the taxes (MONEY)... that's still a fact... ahhh but wait - i guess you're saying that's a fallacious comparison - right? the real question is - how much of all the income do the top 3.5% of earners EARN! is it more or less than 60% of all income?!?!?