Monday, November 30, 2009

Seriously - These are Real Stories

As if Foreign Policy naming Ben Bernanke their top Global Thinker wasn't absurd/ironic/laughable enough, Zerohedge brings us the announcement out of Rochdale Securities that they will be restricting access to Dick Bove's research reports:

"Research by prolific banking analyst Dick Bove won't be as widely available for at least the rest of the year and possibly longer, as his employer aims to preserve its value."

PRESERVE ITS VALUE!  The irony is impossible to express in mere words...  If you don't understand why, check out an old post from Karl Denninger regarding Bove's history of calls on the stocks in his sector.

Bove comments, today:

"The information is getting to [people] who are not paying," Bove, of Rochdale Securities, told Dow Jones Newswires by phone Monday. "It's weakening our whole approach to how we want to price the product."

I guess Rochedale only wants Bove to blow up their official paying clients - not to poison the whole investment world with his reports.



Yangabanga said...

Makes the Obama Nobel peace prize seem reasonable in comparison...

Anonymous said...

He is without a doubt, the worst financials analyst out there. He was bullish at the top and bearish at the bottom. Whenever anyone sends me his stuff, I delete it without reading it.

Onlooker said...

Ha! Yeah, it looks like they'll be doing some unsuspecting suckers a favor by keeping his "valuable" insights from being disseminated widely. What a shame.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I would pay Rochedale Securities good money for them not to send me this clown's research reports.

Anybody who was as wrong and behind the times regarding last year's banking meltdown as this guy does not deserve to keep his job at all, let alone have people pay him for his "advice".