Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two Crazy Stories

Something smells funny to me about the story of the Virginia socialites who "crashed" the White House state dinner on Friday.    Really?  You can be a good looking couple, dress up nicely and TALK YOUR WAY INTO THE F'N WHITE HOUSE?  Come on... Something is funky here.  Did Bravo grease the wheels for publicity for the Real Housewives of DC?  Is it really possible to get into the White House and shake hands with the President when you're not on the guest list?

If that story smells funny, then the Tiger Woods story absolutely stinks.  Let's review the facts/claims:  Tiger left his home at 2:25am, and promptly crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree in his neighbor's yard.  Tiger had scratches on his face - from the crash, according to reports.  Reports said alcohol was not involved.   Then his wife, Elin, supposedly smashed the back window of his SUV with a golf club, in an attempt to get him out of the vehicle.

Now, I don't want to jump to conclusions, but come on... If alcohol wasn't involved, and I hope it wasn't, then how did El Tigre crash into two obstacles after pulling out of his driveway?  Where was he going in the middle of the night?  Was Elin trying to pound him with the golf club as he tried to escape?  TMZ's explanation is much more plausible than the official story being propagated.    This story has been spun even harder than the economic news of the past 6 months.



Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

No doubt KD, that is just about the worst spin job I can recall in recent memory.

Best part has to be that Elin had to smash out his back windshield -- with a golf club, mind you -- to drag him out of his car. You know, the car that wasn't moving fast, did not deploy air bags, and hit only a hydrant and a tree. There are at least four other exits more likely to be used in that scenario than breaking out the back window.

Good times hearing the real story later today (hopefully).

Tim said...

Alcohol was not involved, must be the prescription drugs, that should explain the likely escape route of the back window. Yeah right.

Yangabanga said...

I obv have huge respect for Tiger but his handlers are screwing him on this one. Too many people have seen his scratches, the car window, etc to make the standoff w/ the police approach make sense.