Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jack Of All Trades

In the past 10 days, I've managed to get my riding mower jump started, ride it around my lawn and even cut some tall grasses, prune my apple trees, install 3 electronic thermostats, clog my toilet, and shovel 10 inches of snow.  In between, I made a trip back to NYC, and wrote blog posts on a variety of subjects.

I've been posting more frequently lately, so in case you missed anything, here's a recap:

AIG partially paid us (the government, the taxpayers) back by giving us a stake in businesses we already owned.

I went to see Phish on three consecutive nights at MSG in NYC.   The recaps are:

Wednesday: The Hangover

I also brought you an exclusive "straight from the streets" anecdote about how one of Tiger's mistresses, Rachel Uchitel, takes it in the dooker, but surprisingly, no one care about that post.   I guess my new audience is too high brow.

Then there was another piece on high frequency trading and latency arbitrage, which was balanced by a piece on my dog's butt.

In between, there were a few good linkfests, and a "pick which story is fake," composition.

I don't want to toot my own horn, but I'd say that demonstrates some serious diversity:  Phish, finance, people's butts, dog's butts.

Also, I've added Google Adsense to my blog in an attempt to earn a few scheckles for all the time I put into it.  I'm expressly forbidded from urging people to click on the links, so I'll have to resort to jedi mind tricks...



George said...

I'd have to say, your diverse range of topics makes for an interesting read and is very welcome. Not all of them i can relate to, but i read almost all of it.

I enjoy your reality check posts the most (eg. Tiger & your previous zero hedge disections). But your dog's 'tail' was a gem.

EconomicDisconnect said...

I liked all the different angles you covered. Remember to use the force wisely, or you will become a servant of the darkside. Like me.

Anonymous said...

getting lame.

Anonymous said...

Stop feeding Oscar junk food.

He also needs to get out more, so he can mark.

That's why his butt is plugged up.

Just saying.

Kid Dynamite said...

so he can mark with his anal glands? are you sure small dogs do that? he's a brussels griffon.

Kid Dynamite said...

ps - he goes out three times a day on walks.