Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why Didn't I Think of That?

There are lots of innovative technology products being developed every day, but this one struck me in its simplicity and simple "how come no one thought of that before?" nature.

Samsung has a digital camera (TL255) with two LCD screens - one used as a viewfinder on the back of the camera, and one on the front of the camera so that when you're taking pictures of yourself, you can see if you have the angle right.

Simple.  Functional.  Surprising to me that no one else developed this in the last 15 years.



Anonymous said...

take a lot of pictures of yourself? :)

Kid Dynamite said...

actually, i don't... which may be a big reason i didn't think of it! but i'm surprised no one else thought of it!

Anonymous said...

That idea has been around for quite a while.

The two LCD panel feature would have been difficult to implement within the physical/computational constraints of older cameras.

Go back a few years and Canon had a camera where the LCD panel flipped out from the back then rotated 180 degrees for the same effect. Don't know if any of the brands are doing that anymore.

Happy holidays!

Unknown said...

They've had camcorders (e.g. handycam) with lcd's that swivel about the x-axis for like a decade, much easier than 2 separate fixed screens, no?

Michael Nute said...

A friend of mine used to have that same Canon model with the flip-around LCD screen. She always complains that newer cameras don't have it.

When you're traveling, there are always times when you want a good picture of yourself in front of something but nobody's around.