Monday, March 22, 2010

Bajungi Tilt - NYC Seat Hoggery

One recent night, Ryan David LaMont settled into the wary peace of a post-midnight journey on the No. 2 train. He was not quite alone, since a few other people were on board, but he had rows and rows of seats to choose from. 
Mr. LaMont, 24, an actor, dancer, singer and — yes — waiter was coming home from work. He was eager to close his eyes but was kept awake by his companion: the novel “Veronika Decides to Die” by Paulo Coelho. It was 1:30 a.m.
Riding from the West Side of Manhattan to Crown Heights, he scarcely noticed the stations, but the rhythm of stop-start-lurch-roll-stop, the Morse code of the subways, registered like a G.P.S. device. 14th Street. Chambers. Borough Hall.
At Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, the doors opened, and the pace changed.
“An N.Y.P.D. officer stepped into the car, pointed at me and another guy who was sitting on the other end of the train,” Mr. LaMont said. “He told us, ‘Get off the train.’ ”
Both men were being issued summonses for seat hoggery, a violation of part of Section 1050.7 of the Rules of Conduct, which says that no one shall “occupy more than one seat on a station, platform or conveyance when to do so would interfere or tend to interfere with the operation of the Authority’s transit system or the comfort of other passengers.” 
Note that it was 1:30am and the train was nearly empty.

After that, I'd definitely need THIS.



Anonymous said...

Gateway crimes and escalating civil disobedience; Society has a rules of conduct for good reason.

Just because there were few passengers on the train does not give some one the excuse to start sucking up all the empty seats in the vicinity. It always starts out small an extra seat on the train, next the isle seating at the theater, then a jacket in the un-occupied seat next to him in a restaurant. And does he think that just because he is an actor and tired from working all day that society owes him so much that he can occupy an unused seat on a train – He didn’t pay for that seat, did he?

Oh this seat is just going to be the beginning of crime and civil disobedience for this wayward ruffian.

OBVIOUSLY becoming a late night seat hog is just the beginning, soon he will not be opening the doors for elderly ladies forcing them to stand in howling winter winds until they struggle the doors open by themselves. Then soon his sense of entitlement will soar to such dizzying heights and he will think it is ok to walk straight to the front of the line at the grocery store or ignore the “Please Wait to be Seated” sign at Denny’s.

This type of self-indulgent d behavior has no place in our society of rules, so I applaud you, NO the NATION applauds you, Mr. Polices man for keep our empty seats empty and safe from this class of social thug.

Kid Dynamite said...

excellent use of sarcasm, anon... i hope...

rjs said...

im catching wind of a lot of these stories, like busting drivers in california for not wearing a seat belt and adding various & sundry court costs to make the fines north of $500...trouble is, the states and cities cant print money, so theyre all stepping up their enforcement and fines to bring in as much revenue as possible...the shit will really hit the fan when most new fiscal years start in july...