Monday, March 22, 2010

The Real Ben Folds on ChatRoulette

Last week I posted the video of "Merton" doing piano improv on ChatRoulette. Merton looks suspiciously like Ben Folds, but Merton has emphatically denied being Ben Folds.

This weekend, at a live concert in North Carolina, Ben Folds did a "tribute" to Merton live on stage.  My, how far technology has come, when artists can improv during a show with people on the internet.  I'm still not sure if Merton is Ben Folds, but I urge readers to keep me posted on any more of these videos.  Enjoy:



Yangabanga said...

Ben Folds rules

Steve96 said...

Yo Kid,
check this out that just went up on Daily Dish:

you should send Andrew an email and demand a HatTip.