Sunday, March 21, 2010

Live Free or Die!

When I moved to New Hampshire, my friends made comments like "let me know when you put a gun rack on your truck,"  and "don't start sleeping with your cousins."  I had to correct them - that's Vermont - not NH (zzzzzing!  SUCK IT Vermont!).   Generally, although there are certainly some Country people here, it's certainly not a bunch of racist redneck farmer hippies.  But...
So I am walking down my street with Oscar today - Sunday afternoon.   A truck came down the street with a small trailer attached.  The truck looked like a small GMC Jimmy - like a pickup with an enclosed bed.

As the truck passed, I noticed a message scrawled on the tailgate, in large, relatively neatly painted letters:

"Please help the U.S.A. by boycotting products made by the slanted eyed dog eating devils"

Then there was what looked like a variation of some sort of pentagram!  I guess writing "BUY AMERICAN" is just so 1992!

Somehow, I don't think that this driver was commenting on Paul Krugman's views on world trade, which I mentioned in my last post with a comment by John Mauldin...   I guess there is one logical segue here:



EconomicDisconnect said...

I guess that guy cold not get that message on a vanity plate!

The video was hilarious; I had not seen that one before.

Kid Dynamite said...

the song is from Team America World Police. that video is not - they have tight copyright issues on the movie clip (it's a cartoon from the South Park guys)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute.... I am trying to understand this.

When you state: "don't start sleeping with your cousins." Are you saying this is wrong? Or is it just wrong in Vermont?

Thanks, we...erhe...I, yea I will sleep better knowing the answer.


J Johnson said...

Love the video - no idea how you find this stuff, but it was hilarious