Monday, November 08, 2010

Happy Birthday Oscar!

My pup Oscar turned 5 this weekend.  Mrs. Dynamite baked him a peanut butter pie, of course, and let him and Mr. Griffey go at it.

From the vault:  Oscar as a puppy:

And back to the present - Oscar looking at his birthday cake:

And lounging on the couch :

Of course, we took video too.  Really, I'm warning you in advance, they are not very exciting videos, although it's interesting to watch Oscar hesitantly scope out the pie, and Griffey seems to not want to eat it while Oscar is eating it.  Oscar showed a keen awareness of the danger of the candles, while Griffey was attempting to dive right in before we blew out the candles (not in the video).  Also, near the 1:24 mark, Griffey sticks his nose in the camera and will make you laugh - you can hear him sniffing before he pokes his mug in the camera.

Then, they both got the hang of it and dug in, sharing:

and Griffey got peanut butter stuck on his lips/mouth in the final video:

yep - this is my life.



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday big guy. Oscar's got a Michael Jackson black to white thing going on, and his nose was wider as a kid, too.

Mark S. said...

Happy Birthday Oscar!

Could Mrs. Dynamite be kind enough to post the recipe for peanut butter pie? I would bet my dogs would love it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Oscar!

Guess you got your butt sorted out.

Kid Dynamite said...

mark - here's the recipe:

we just bought a pie crust though instead of making one.

Taylor said...

I'm kind of weirdly disappointed. I was really expecting to hear thick New England accents.

Kid Dynamite said...

Taylor - people from outside of Boston would say that I have a boston accent. I mean, not like a character in a Ben Affleck movie, but...

My wife isn't from Boston - so no - she talks wicked normal.

Frenchie Fanatic said...

Wow - your lives are much more exciting since you moved! ;)

Happy Bday O-Dawg.