Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kid Dynamite's Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for something to get that special someone this holiday season?  Here are my ideas.

If, like me, you need a flashlight that can turn night into day, I have personal experience with two different options.

First, the Streamlight 88850 Polytac LED flashlight.  I own this thing, and it's tiny - like less than 6 inches long - yet brighter than any flashlight I'd previously owned.  There was only one problem - if you need to use the flashlight regularly, like we do, walking the dogs at night with no street lights, it eats batteries relatively quickly.  You'll need to replace the batteries every 10-14 days, and the lithium batteries aren't cheap.  That's why I bought a second flashlight - the Streamlight 75813 Stinger DS LED.    This thing is a beast  - not big like a Mag-lite, but puts out a ferocious tightly focused beam of light.  It's more expensive, but I figured that with the rechargeable battery, I'll break even in less than a year from battery savings.

Next, the Samsung BD-C6500 Blu-ray player.  This thing will connect wirelessly to your home network, and get you on the internet in a matter of minutes, so you can stream Like a G6 straight to your TV from Youtube.  It plays regular dvds too, of course, and I was amazed at how good Funny Farm (aka, the story of my life now) looked on it. If you're still operating with a 10 year old dvd player, you'll be amazed at the functionality and picture quality of this device - and I haven't even stuck a Blu-ray disc in it yet.  It also streams Netflix, Blockbuster, Vudu and Cinema Now, but not Amazon VOD or Hulu Plus yet.

How about some music - mostly classic rock stuff on my rotating widget here:

But I'm also a big Jam Band fan.  Phish is the obvious leader, but String Cheese Incident and moe. are extremely talented.  Check out "L" from moe. - a live album, and "Trick or Treat" from SCI - a live album of cover songs done in their own inimitable style.

Then there are my books:

If you take one piece of advice from me, buy Cardboard Gods.  It is not to be missed.

I don't do the e-reading thing yet, but if you do, I think you're supposed to have a Kindle.  We just bought one for my mom.

That does it for installment one of my holiday gift guide.  As usual, see my Affiliate disclosure on the right sidebar.



J Johnson said...

Thanks for the recommendation on Cardboard Gods. I purchased through your affiliation some time ago, and picked up another as a gift. Thought I would check out some of your other as well based on how much I enjoyed Wilker's work.

Anonymous said...

I like Phish but never really got into them for some reason. Moe and SCI get me movin' but as a guitarist I love listening to Steve Sweney of Ekoostik Hookah tear it up. Miss the early 2000's roar they had. So many awesome local and national jam bands around that I get dizzy thinking about all the awesome ones