Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Quick 2010 Blog Stats

My most popular post this year was the Flash Crash wrap up: "Don't Lose Faith In Markets, Lose Faith in Market Orders."  That post discussed possible remedies to prevent future flash crashes, and had links to the other posts I wrote on the topic, as well as to the tremendous S&P futures pit audio from the crash.

As far as referring links go, AbnormalReturns led my blog in incoming referrals, followed by SeekingAlpha, Google, Twitter, and BusinessInsider

My favorite search engine showing is my blog's number 2 placement on the Google search term "Roubini Vagina,"  a result of my classic April 2009 post about Nouriel Roubini's plaster wall vagina art.  I correctly deduced that the Wallgina indicator forebode further pains for house prices.  A close second favorite search showing is my second page BING showing for the search "Is the tilt of an Asian Vagina different?"

I received donations from a number of readers in my tip jar this year - for that I thank you all very much.  I also had a very solid month of December in my Affiliate Program revenues, for which I again thank my readers.   One reader took the unusually generous step of sending me a number of bottles of wine from his favorite winery, which was a fantastically generous gesture.

Thanks to all of my readers and commenters who add value to this blog and impart their own expertise in the comment section.


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EconomicDisconnect said...

Great work all year Kid! Thanks so much for everything.

Who knows, perhaps as a new New Englander the Patriots can have a magical season!