Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Crazy Laydowns

As I watched this week's WSOP Circuit Event from Lake Tahoe on ESPN, I was shocked at these two laydowns:

Hand 1: Jeff Lisandro has about T400k, Phil Ivey has about T300k. Blinds are 2k-4k.

Lisandro, in EP, opens for T15k with T-T. Ivey smooth calls with 9-9.

flop: 4-4-4. Lisandro bets T40k. Ivey smooth calls.

turn: 5. Lisandro bets T100k. Ivey thinks for several seconds, and then announces "all-in". Now, ESPN's broadcast's don't show how much the raise is, but if Ivey started with T300k, he's called T15k, T40k, and then the T100k turn bet, he should have only about T145k left. Still, somehow, Lisandro mucks rather quickly! Jeff is getting roughly 3-1 on this call, and will still have T100k left if he's wrong. Shocking laydown - but not as shocking as...

Hand 2: David "the Dragon" Pham opens in EP for T18k with Q-Q. Tommy Reed calls with T-T. John Schecter calls with 6-7 of diamonds.

flop: A-J-7 with two diamonds. Dragon checks. Tommy checks. John checks his pair + flush draw.

turn: offsuit ten, giving Tommy a set. I believe at this point that Dragon has about T180k, Tommy has about T290k, and John has about T300k.

Dragon checks. Tommy Checks. John bets T30k. Dragon calls the T30k. Tommy thinks for 10 seconds and... MUCKS! What the fuck? huh?

the river blanks off, and Dragon checks again. John puts Dragon all-in, and Dragon makes a big call with the best hand.

Tommy sees the result, and turns to Ivey, on his right, and says "I made a mistake," Ivey nods sympathetically, "You muck an ace?" "Three tens" says Tommy. and Ivey's eyes almost pop out of his head. "Come on man, you didn't have three tens," Ivey insists. Then Dragon, who was listening says "Three tens? NOOOO!" (thanks to Greg for the quote correction)

At least it gives Norman Chad the opportunity to spit out this Chad-ism:

"Lon, if you're going to laydown a set of tens there you might as well be selling refrigerator magnets on the beach."

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