Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Bones reacted to my purchase of WPTE:

My take on WPT: I watched a few episodes but don't know when it's on and the
Travel Channel isn't part of my regular channel rotation. If I stopped watching,
so did most casual fans. Poker pros and amateurs are just an unappealing bunch.
And finally the WPT slice is diluted by ever other (identical in format) poker
show. Have you tried to wade through an episode of Boston vs NY Poker?Are
revenues up? Is viewership? Are they in good standing with the SEC?(I can give
you some hints) Rating: SELL (but I was a seller on the IPO, so who knows. I own

and to that i say: Bones you ignorant slut... First off, it's on Wednesday nights at 9pm. And to put Boston vs New York poker challenge in the same sentence as World Poker Tour is an insult. WPT has the best production value on television - ESPN has tried to match them, but i still get goosebumps every time I see that phenomenal WPT intro: the set starts spinning... they have the little cloud highlight windows... Gus Hansen flexing... an absurd shot of Alan Goehring skipping around... JUHA HELPI! Now THAT is what i call GOLD my friend.

Now, one area for concern with WPT is the retirement of Shana Hiatt. I have faith that Vince Van Patten has already bagged a suitable replacement for the legendary Hawaiian Tropic Girl turned Poker ummm... analyst? Vince... don't let me down... my money is with you baby!


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