Sunday, October 23, 2005

Best of the Bloggers

Well, I didn't WIN the Pokerstars Blogger Freeroll Tournament, but I did finish 16th out of 1473 entrants. I was shooting for the Ipod Nano, which was awarded to places 36th-17th, but I overachieved and earned and XBOX 360. I shamelessly pimped, so hopefully some lucky readers will have their lives enhanced by my ramblings.
The tournament was fun - with less bitching then normal after bad beats - I mean - it's hard to get pissed off about a freeroll. I did take some vicious beats, and I issued a few myself. The one inexplicable donk-a-licious move I saw on more than one occasion was when it was folded around to the small blind, who would then muck to the big blind, but THE BIG BLIND WAS SITTING OUT! That means the BB's hand gets auto-mucked! I guess people weren't paying attention to the "sitting out" labels.
I will be back tomorrow with a full recap of last week's ESPN WSOP broadcast - including the fantastic Phil Hellmuth blowup.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kid Dynamite,

That was a great tourney, watched it to the end. Congrats on the great finish! I underachieved and won an iPod nano. :-)

Since we have the prizes each other were hoping for, would you be interested in a swap? Obviously not straight up since the 360 is worth more, I'm willing to more than make up for the difference in value.

If so, please contact me.


The Bracelet said...

Hey Kid, nice finish!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job!!! Your kung fu is better than mine.

Some Office Guy said...

HI there,

Played against you for a quite a while near the end of the tourney. Was a lot of fun, and you played great.

I also entered for an iPod and won a xbox :)


Matt7184 said...

gg Dyanmite

Anonymous said...

Good playing you and nice blog you've got here. Congrats on the finish.