Monday, October 24, 2005

Taking Advantage of Opportunity

I have to give a shoutout to h0nus, who executed this aggressive/opportunistic angle this weekend:

After our beloved Red Sox were eliminated in their quest to repeat as World Champions, h0nus didn't give up - he entered himself in the World Series ticket lottery, and won the right to purchase four tickets to Chicago @ Houston, Game 5. One problem - tickets are held at will-call in Houston.

Undeterred, H0nus hops on a plane to Houston at 6:30 Saturday morning, pays for the tickets, meets a guy he has already sold (via EBAY) two of them to, unloads the first pair and goes back to the airport for a flight home to New York. Meanwhile, since he has to refund the money if game 5 doesn't happen, he's already thrown down a bet on Chicago - 130 moneyline, to hedge his risk of a sweep.

Then this morning, H0nus unloads the second pair, and books a nice profit on the trade. Well done.


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