Wednesday, October 19, 2005

You MUST Be Kidding Me

Check out This a company that just came public (NASDAQ: PTEK), and has a market cap of $100mm. As far as I can tell, their product is a computerized poker table that has a little touch screen in front of each player. Instead of having a dealer deal cards, and mess around with chips, you basically end up playing online poker while sitting at the same physical table as your opponents. Now, some of you might say, "Hey - Kid Dynamite - you said you hated online poker because you can't see your opponent - this solves that problem." Well, I respond: the Pokertek poker table is ridiculous. You have got to be fucking kidding me. Even though you can SEE your opponents, you're not interacting with them, and poker without chips and cards will never be real poker to me.

Pokertek even has an endorsement from the immortal Doyle Brunson:

"I've been playing poker for a long time. The PokerPro table is a great way to play the game. It eliminates all mistakes and deals more hands per hour which adds up to more net win for me."

Hey Doyle - come on man - you're kidding right? We all know you've never used a computer in your life. Are they using this table at the Bellagio Big Game these days? I'll hazard a guess that's a negative. Don't whore yourself out endorsing a dogshit product.

Meanwhile, this company is worth ONE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS!!! Who is buying these tables? More importantly, who is buying this stock? I will have to do some more digging, as they don't have any details on their website - but I'm left scratching my head, wondering "Why didn't I think of this?" And then the answer comes to me: BECAUSE IT'S A TERRIBLE FUCKING IDEA!

end of rant.



Anonymous said...

Dude, how much of that $10 million do you think they paid Doyle and Chan to give it such glowing reviews? Them young punks who've only ever played online will love it - my guess is that real players won't take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

Um, that should be $100 million. But you get the idea.

Anonymous said...

i share your disgust at this concept.

btw, did u see that lyle berman is the chairman of the board of directors for pokertek?

Kid Dynamite said...

yeah - I saw that about Lyle. I called the company today, left a message and a request, and got no answer.

Anonymous said...

The idea is disgusting. It is a pathetic product and will backfire. It's only an attempt to pump a stock, and disappear. End of story.