Friday, April 17, 2009


I sent several of my friends a link to this fantastic graphic from Slate illustrating employment losses for the last few years. My most loyal reader, Bones, replied "looks like a nuke fallout map on 24."

I answered, "Have no fear, the bulls tell me it's a lagging indicator and things will get better soon. Green shoots, baby!"

Bones, for the win, surmised, "We should send Jack Bauer in after the TARP money. They'll talk."

Dirty Dave, master of analogies and pop culture, also deserves a shout out for this gem a few nights ago: we were talking on the phone about his imminent weekend trip to Turks & Caicos. "Don't forget your sunblock," I chided him. "I've got it," he replied quickly, "fifteen and thirty - just like the Bellagio game."

Only Dirty Dave could make the transition from sunblock to limit hold'em. Well done, sir.


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