Sunday, April 18, 2010

Abacus Irony

Rhetorical question: 
When Goldman Sachs decided to name their series of Collateralized Debt Obligations "Abacus,"  were they laughing to themselves the whole time, chuckling that it was an inside joke because almost no one can actually figure out how to make sense of an abacus?



Sam said...

Heh. Bloomberg has an alternative take:

Anonymous said...

I don't get this one. When I was in grade school I got an abacus for Christmas, read the directions, and became inscrutable in mere moments.

Anonymous said...

I think they would have gone with either "Slide Rule" or "Slip Stick" instead.

Those things (at least to my generation) are magic.


Anonymous said...

Some interesting analysis of Goldman possible faux-pas on Friday.

schtoonkmeyer said...

way back, when i was a computer techie, i founded ABACUS - the alcoholic beverage and computer user society!

Unknown said...

ABACAB might have been better, to early Phil Collins fans.