Monday, April 05, 2010

Link Dump

There are lots of stories that have been worth reading in the past week or so, but that I haven't blogged about.  I tweeted some of these:

In 2009 alone, 936 people signed up for coverage with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts for three months or less and … [paid a monthly premium of] $400, but [had] average claims [that] exceeded $2,200 per month. …

RemDawg's new bar near Fenways sells $500 seasons passes:  for $500 you get a table locked up for all 81 home games, and 1 free beer and $25 of food for each game.  +EV!

California Case Will Test NFL Teams' Liability For Former Players Dementia: this one confuses me a bit.  I understand that these players have injuries as a result of playing football, and that these injuries are severe and debilitating. I feel for them, but isn't that a known risk of playing football?

Calculated Risk:  California Extends Homebuyer Tax Credit... cause they have no budget problems at all and can afford to... (/sarcasm!)
The Pragmatic Capitalist:  Jim Grant Downgrades US Credit Rating ???  The key is the surprised question marks at the end of the headline



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oddlot said...

regarding football, did you read this? crazy.