Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Links

If you missed my piece on the latest damaging structured product: the buffet of buffets, go read it now.

Other stuff:

Jerry Murrell of Five Guys Burgers:  How I Did It.  This reminds me of Steve Wynn's quote:  Bigger isn't better, BETTER is better.

I think I got these next two links from Marginal Revolution:

1) Pornographic magazine for the blind"

"Among the 17 raised images include a naked woman in a 'disco pose', a woman with 'perfect breasts' and a 'male love robot'."

2) Evil clown hired for stalking, threats, and a pie in the face

I am now a part of national history:  The Library of Congress will archive all Tweets as part of the "universal body of human knowledge."

Finally, soccer fans are probably already familiar with this brilliant goal by Bayern Munich's Arjen Robben last week against Manchester United:

but the leggo recreation (including pre-game ceremonies, and the other Bayern goal) is equally brilliant:



scharfy said...

In related news, Manchester United (the red team) got paid 56 million pounds over 4 years to wear AIG logo's on the jersey. The deal expires in a few months.

I think I will go buy me one of those for a collector's item.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Maybe we can attach a billion tweets to the enxt voyager type space craft and bore the crap out of aliens?

Re your idea about a graph showing total trading values on my post:
I said thats what the big boys get paid big bucks to make, I am a part time hack.

Daniel said...

Wow. So it turns out that GS isn't just, smarter, better, luckier, chosen by GOD; every other friggin' excuse under the sun. Don't hate the playa, hate the game! No; they're cheats. They LIED. They committed FRAUD. What. A. Shock.

Kid Dynamite said...

yes daniel - and if they did illegal stuff, they should be prosecuted for it.

Daniel said...

Full disclosure: I'm perpetually short GS as I hate them almost as much as I hate the Yankees and the Duke, men's, basketball team. But I digress. I would like to see a little bit more penance on your part KD (I realize that's Catholic speak; means say you're sorry) as you were their most vocal and ardent defender against the very mean spirited vampire squid analogies. Saying they should be prosecuted for "illegal stuff" in a response is the equivalent of a newspaper retraction on page 7 after a front page error.

Kid Dynamite said...

daniel, sorry - I'm on the road today, yet i'm still trying to put together a relevant post on this as we speak.

i don't know what you want from me - I never advocated the breaking of laws. I said you can't hate someone for playing by the rules of the game! if it turns out that they weren't playing by the rules, which is what the SEC is saying, then I'm certainly not defending illegal activities!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response and post. Especially given you're traveling. What I want is an understanding, that it is very, very, if not impossibly, difficult to change the rules. Especially when those in charge of the rules, are very much vested in them NOT changing. I found your response to GS earlier to be trite. It's too simplistic to just throw up your hands and say, "well, gee, if you don't like the rules, change them." Yeah, and how, as an individual investor with just high 6 figures to invest, do I do that? I'm not whining, I have my own ways of dealing with GS, but many, many, more people do not. I never said I thought you advocated illegal activities. I know you do not. But what really stirs my swizzle stick is to come to find out that people, who are unconscionably lucky simply by right of birth, ie GS brass, find that thats not enough. They have to cheat. And they cheat at other, weaker, peoples expense. %$&^ them. $@%^ them but good. Pricks.

Don't pay too much attention to me, I'm angrier than Raylan Givens. For reasons completely unrelated to this, or the Yankess, or Dukes BB team...

Kid Dynamite said...

yes, i understand. even more so than "well change the rules if you don't like it," what I should have said is that the rules of the game are clearly laid out for everyone, and if you don't understand the details and the pitfalls, it's YOUR responsibility. that's what I really meant.

of course, you can also refuse to play the game! that's a valid option. but if you decide to play GS's game, by GS's rules, then don't complain when you lose! that was the moral. i think that is still valid when talking about things like research and HFT

you can't sit there at the Spanish 21 table for 5 hours, lose all your money, wonder why, and then blame the house when you find out you were at a disadvantage but you hadn't read the prospectus.

of course, when THEY don't play by the rules, everything falls apart.

Kid Dynamite said...

was that 3:03pm anonymous comment from you, Daniel? or someone else?

Daniel said...

Me. It dropped my log in for some reason and I was too impatient to wait to figure it out respond.