Thursday, April 08, 2010

Headline of the Day - Losing Streak?

From Yahoo: "Stocks snap losing streak as investors look past Greece to retail sales."  I would link to the article, but it would only make your head hurt, and the headline doesn't appear on the linked version for some reason.

Losing streak?  Wow... that's an interesting way to describe the rally since February 8th, where the S&P 500 has rallied in excess of 11%, with up days outnumbering down days roughly, what... 6-1?  7-1 (NOTE: I just checked, and it's more like 2-1!)?  Oh - but the S&P was indeed down on Wednesday, so TECHNICALLY, it WAS a one day losing streak!

Thank goodness it was snapped! The bears were running wild!  Speaking of which, there is an actual bear prowling my neighborhood.  Of course, I haven't seen it (the neighbors have), because despite living on a dirt road in the woods, I see absolutely no wildlife apart from birds and chipmunks - although I do see plenty of deer footprints, and I heard an owl the other night, which was cool.

I recommend readers check out today's piece at The Daily Bell (h/t Financial Armageddon) where they include an excellent reader commentary on how to evaluate economic data and market price action:

"It's BULLISH No Matter What! ...

The price of oil is rising – BULLISH! More profits for the energy companies, and more investments in "clean energy."

Most of the new jobs created in March were part-time or temporary – BULLISH! Since the economy has turned the corner full-time job offers are practically a sure thing.
But didn't wages go down too? – BULLISH! Revenues - Costs = Profits!
41 states have revenue shortfalls – BULLISH! Various states have always complained about shortfalls. It's another sign that things are getting back to normal.
8 million people are still unemployed – BULLISH! That's 8 million spenders, not savers.
Interest rates are rising – BULLISH! Yet another sign that the economy is getting stronger.
Stocks may be going up but on very low volume – BULLISH! That means the "dumb money" hasn't even bought into this rally yet.
People have a lot of concerns and uncertainty about the future – BULLISH! Not until the "wall of worry" ends will this party be over.
So much new liquidity will cause inflation – BULLISH! Stocks are one of the best hedges against inflation.
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are bankrupting us – BULLISH! Don't get mad, get even. Debit the Treasury and Credit the defense companies.
Inflation in China is picking up – BULLISH! That should dampen any bubbles that some people worry about.
Gold is going up in price – BULLISH! This is a broad-based rally.
Wait, maybe gold is going down – BULLISH! That means economic fears are dissipating.
Actually the gold price seems to be consolidating and moving sideways – BULLISH! A sell off or rally would mean things are overheating.
Iran seems determined to develop it's nuclear program – BULLISH! More nuclear power plants means less demand on oil which means lower energy costs which means more profits.
Israel may be forced to handle Iran themselves militarily – BULLISH! That will kick-start the construction industry when we rebuild both sides.
The Health Insurance Reform bill is an abomination – BULLISH! If insurance premiums rise there will be subsidies; if doctors check out they'll be replaced with cheap foreign ones; if care is rationed then costs will be controlled and profits ensured.
And now the student loan programs are nationalized – BULLISH! Good riddance for the banks. Now the government can garnish wages and lower the deficit.
The markets are being purposely manipulated with government money – BULLISH! What's not to like? That means the market ain't going down no matter what.
Big Media is spewing propaganda about the economy – BULLISH! Perception is reality. People only know what they're taught. Advertising works.
Greece may default – BULLISH! Greek bond holders will make up their loses in the stock market.
Japan is a bug in search of a windshield – BULLISH! Just imagine how much more deficit spending we need to do to beat them.
The Euro is getting weaker – BULLISH! King dollar is back.
A $400+ trillion financial mine field of derivatives are set to go off – BULLISH! Let's start the rumor that if the stock market tanks we'll all be dead."



James said...

Everytime the government manages to save the day people begin to take stupid risks. When is the last time the 34 largest economy was on the verge of default? Not im our lifetimes unless you count the collapse of the USSR.

Greece defaulting would send the globe into another implosion

EconomicDisconnect said...

The one you found is way better than the one I will use tonite:
"Shoppers hand retailers a basket of Easter cash"

Oh, the humanity!

I would add that when the market is done now say 0.3%, the little yahoo finance ticker running commentary will say something like:
"Stocks down sharply" or "Losses gaining steam"! Really?