Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Heat Wave, and Garden Wars

There's one quote that always comes to mind on days like today:

The wife and I actually went to Sam's and bought an air conditioner today.  85 degree nights with 65% humidity just wasn't doing it for us - but it was the panting pups that pushed us over the edge.  We couldn't stand seeing them pant and loaf around.

We also finished our third BBQ propane tank of the season already - makes me wonder if I have a leak in my regulator or something - that seems like a pretty vicious pace.

I am at war with multiple varieties of garden pests.  First, the green cabbage worms, which devour the broccoli and brussels sprouts.  These fuckers showed up about 6 weeks ago, and I thought I'd mostly eradicated the first generation of them - picking them off one by one and squashing them.  Well, the next generation just hit with a vengeance - these things are EVERYWHERE, and they are going to town on my plants. The broccoli is pretty much done for now anyway - we already harvested the crap out of it (will it produce more fruit in the fall?)  but the brussels sprouts have a long way to go, and I don't want these pesky little worms eating my crop!  Today I went out and plucked about 60 of them off the plants, but it seems like a losing battle.

Then there are these bastards:

Yep - Colorado Potato Beetles - nasty looking little pests that look like crabs crossed with tics.   Now, you may ask yourself, "Kid Dynamite, I didn't know you were growing potatoes?"  No - I'm not - these guys are on my eggplant.  I've been squishing them between my fingers relentlessly. 

As of yet, nothing has attacked my cucumbers, which are producing big fruit already, or my tomatoes, which are also thriving.  I swear - if those crops get devoured by some sort of insect pest, I will napalm my whole f'ing garden.  I WILL RAIN DOWN AN UNGODLY FUCKING FIRESTORM UPON YOU... I AM TALKING SCORCHED EARTH MUTHERFUCKER!!!

I probably won't actually torch my garden, but any excuse to embed that clip is a good one.



Barry said...

Look into diatomaceous earth. It is a diffrent version of the stuff you use in a pool filter its natural sold at Lowes and sprayed on as a powder / dust (wear a mask theres lots of dust) it acts like barb wire on the bugs shell. I thought you would get some satisfaction knowing that

Coupon Codes said...

It certainly has been a scorcher of a summer! Best of luck with your garden.