Wednesday, December 21, 2005

As I was Saying...

I finished my Growin Up post below and returned to the club at noon on Wednesday, only to suffer a giant case of Foot-in-Mouth.

The game starts at noon, and the main game was already full! Holy fucking bad beat! Not to worry, as we quickly got a must-move game going. I'm not exactly sure what went wrong for me. Somewhere along the line in the 4 hour session I dropped 2+ buy-ins. I started off by building my stack up to about $800, then made a questionable call against Ivan and was back to $400. After dwindling to $300, I added $200 more and ground back up to $1100.

I then lost a series of $600 pots. I'm trying to figure out if I just contradicted everything I praised myself for in my post earlier today; being able to play well regardless of the situation, regardless of the beats. I think what happened was, the game was insane: chips donking around like they were fucking party favors. The fish from yesterday's game, LooseCannon, came for less than an hour and pushed all in about 5 times. I couldn't catch anything resembling a hand to pick him off with.

Maybe my losses today were unfortunate: TT vs Ivan's $35 preflop A-3 on a 2-4-5 board... A-K vs Paul's J-T on a 8-9-Q two flush flop... King on the turn... My 99 vs Todd's K-3 suited after I raised to $10, Paul called, Ivan raised to $30 and I called, Paul called. The flop of 7-3-3 was a disaster for me. Uggh... One thing I do know: in each of the hands, I did take the time to carefully analyze the sitation. In the A-K hand against Paul I knew I was beat - and that's the one mistake I definitely made. The reason I called anyway, drawing dead, was that we'd played a previous hand where he'd reacted very differently after making a giant river bet - and then showed me a monster - so I was clinging to the hope that his reaction this time meant he did NOT have J-T.

In any case, I'm fucking pissed. It's so frustrating watching chips being GIVEN away, and not being able to do anything about it... Then I push an edge, and run into the fucking nuts. And then I do it again.. and again... Eventually, I'm the donkey giving away the chips.

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