Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Yeah - I still watch Survivor. In this week's finale, nice guy Rafe had a sweet thing going: he was down to the final three with Danni, who was in his debt just because he had carried her that far, and Steph, who he had an agreement to go to the final two with.

For those of you who don't know, the winner of Survivor gets $1MM, while the runner up gets $100k. The final three contestants have an endurance challenge, where the winner is immune from being voted out, and basically gets to decide which of the two vulnerable opponents she wants to vote out, and which opponent to go head to head with against the jury of previously voted out tribemates, to determine the million dollar winner.

So, if Rafe won the immunity challenge, he'd go head to head with Steph, as they'd been together the whole time. Steph is a conniving bitch, who's been on the show before, and Rafe would almost surely get the jury's vote over her. Rafe would win a million bucks.

If Steph won immunity, she'd go head to head with Rafe, because they had committed to each other. Rafe would win a million bucks.

If Danni won immunity, she'd take Rafe, as he'd saved her ass, and allowed her to get into the final 3. Rafe would have a shot at a million bucks, but be guaranteed at least $100k.

One problem: when Danni actually won immunity, Rafe secured the "Nice Guys Finish Last" award of the week by telling Danni that he was "relieving her of any promises that she made," and that she should take whomever she wants to the final two. Since Danni had previously said she'd take the "best" player anyway, rather than the opponent she's most likely to win against, Rafe figures she'll do the right thing and take him - especially since he saved her ass.

Well, Danni lives in the real world, and smartly chose Steph, who she thrashed in the final vote and took home the million dollars. Steph took a hundred grand for second place, and Rafe was left holding Herman. Well done douchebag!

I also played 3 hours of live 1-2NL on Sunday afternoon, shorthanded with the Vortex, Paul and some others. I 1/2-stacked the Vortex on the very first hand when, 3 handed, I raised from the button with A-J. Vortex in the BB made it $25, and I called.

The flop was J-8-x, and Vortex led out for $50. I insta-called.

A jack came off on the turn, and Vortex checked to me. I bet $100. He called.

The river was a king, and Vortex again checked to me. I thought, and decided on $150. Vortex went into the tank and mucked his QQ. I hadn't given him credit for such a big hand - just thought he was throwing down the gauntlet with a "bigger dick contest" on the first hand. At least I sucked out. Boo yah.

I finished the session +143.

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