Sunday, December 04, 2005

Forget Regret

Mrs. Dynamite and I went to see the new movie version of RENT yesterday. We've seen the play about 7 times: 3 times in Boston, 3 in NY, and 1 in Stamford. Knowing the play so well actually made it harder to enjoy the movie, as there is some dialogue that they felt was important enough to include in the movie, yet it wasn't done in song like it was in the play. I also fear that the trend started by the screen adaptation of Chicago will be tough to duplicate. Overall, I'd recommend the movie, especially to people who don't know the play inside out.

After the play, Mrs. Dynamite fell in love with a Brussels Griffon puppy at a local pet store. Oy Vey - this is a topic of never ending problems. I've always been a big time animal lover, and I want a dog wicked bad, but since we both work all day, it's tough to think about having a prospective pet sit home alone for so many hours. There are plenty of apartment suitable dog breeds, but the situation would never be ideal. Still, we have several friends who work full time and manage to have dogs, so I'm sure it's feasible. The next problem is: how can I buy a dog from a pet store - that's like the cardinal sin: like drawing to a gutshot straight with a two-flush on the board - everyone knows you just don't do it. Pet stores get their animals from all sorts of places that don't really give a crap about their animals: they just crank out puppies for the money. Anyway, I hope we will find a solution in the near future: we aren't ready for kids, so maybe a puppy is a good first step to becoming a mature, responsible adult. Scary thought.

After the pet store, Rony and I crushed a rack of baby-backs each at the unfortunately named "Bone Lick Park," before hitting Absolutely 4th for a round, and then Employees Only. EO was packed, noisy and hot - but the bartender is a whirling dervish of activity who's always entertaining.

I want to thank WickedChops for giving me props, and for continuing the great debate "What subset of Ex's is the biggest poker threat going?" Ex-magicians (Lazar, Esfandiari)? Ex-Backgammon players (Hansen, Magriel)? Ex-hair-dressers (Traniello, Judah)? Ex-internet millionaires (Phillips, Gordon)? If you're not reading Wickedchops regularly, you should be.

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Anonymous said...

As someone who now owns both a 39 pound female Keeshond dog and a 10 pound kitty - I can tell you that owning a pet(s) is great. I feel better about leaving them at home as they have each other, but that wouldn't keep me from having a pet. Plus, you already have a pretty serious "key" for owning a pet in an apt:

a backyard.

And when you travel, there are tons of places that will board in good comfort in NYC.