Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Year's Best Poker Quotes: 2005

The top 10 poker quotes of 2005, as compiled by Kid Dynamite:

10: "I've busted a million Europeans" - Phil Hellmuth, after he compliments an opponent on a strong play, and another player comments that the guy is a tricky European.

9: "Can we take a break so I can stack my chips?" - Ed Moncado after winning a big pot.

8: "Three tens? NOOOOO!" - David "the Dragon" Pham, to Tommy Reed, after Reed tells him that he mucked a set of tens on a A-J-7-T board with two diamonds. Norman Chad follows up: "Lon, if you're going to laydown a set of tens there you might as well be selling refrigerator magnets on the beach."

7: "Pocket Pool is when you're playing with yourself" - TJ Cloutier to John Bonetti, missing the point that Bonetti is busting on him.

6:"I guess I'll go home and fuck my dog" - Young Phan after being eliminated from the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

5: "I like Bing Wang as much as the next guy" - Norman Chad, after Andrew Black is seen crying because the table will not slow down play to accomodate Bing Wang, who has not returned to the table.

4: "The Kiddie Game is down the street" - Mike "the Mouth" Matusow after running another successfull bluff in the Main Event

3:"Do you know who I am? What's my name?" - Phi Hellmuth, Ali-like, emphasizing the point to his opponent as he lays down the A-K on the 4-4-A board.

2: "I can dodge bullets baby!" - Phil Hellmuth, after avoiding going broke on a 4-4-A board with AK, when his opponent had AA.

1: "Pass the Sugar!" - Joseph Hachem after flopping the nuts in the Main Event and check-raising all-in against Andy Black.


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