Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are You Ready For Some Football?

A few thoughts after watching the early games on NFL Kickoff Sunday:

 - Is there a better Chinese-Jamaican safety in the league than the Patriots' Patrick Chung?

 - Tom Brady's hair - WTF?  Is it a joke?  He looks like a 70s porn star

 - Am I the only one who is on BAJUNGI tilt over Fox's upper right hand corner scoreboard ticker?  You know how every network has their own widget that shows the rotating, updating scores of all the games, right?  Fox's, like the others, has a little yellow arrow denoting who has the ball, and also, like all the others, shows the score and how much time is left.  Fox's widget, however, has two inexcusable problems which I'm assuming they'll fix ASAP.  First, when the game is over, the little yellow arrow still points to the team that had the ball last!  Every other network highlights the team that one the game, but not Fox - their asinine scoreboard has a little arrow highlighting, apparently, the team that had the ball at the end of the game.  In other words, for the CAR-NYG game, it shows CAR 18 NYG 31, and there is a little yellow arrow pointing at CAR, even though they lost.  Absurd. It looks like FOX is actually fixing this issue as I speak, since they've changed the NE-CIN scoreboard to show the arrow on NE now.  They still have an arrow on losing teams CAR and  ATL though. 

Second, and this one is more minor, but still annoying: when the game is final, Fox's scoreboard widget shows 0:00 on the clock, along with an F for final.  This is annoying because usually when you show 0:00 it means that time has expired but maybe that an extra point is pending, or that a penalty has been called, or that a play is under review.  Take off the 0:00 and put up the F when the game is final!  As I write this, during the GB-PHI game, Fox's ticker has been stuck on ARZ-STL for the last 10 minutes - they are clearly having an issue with it.



EconomicDisconnect said...

"Is there a better Chinese-Jamaican safety in the league than the Patriots' Patrick Chung?"

I can say with 100% confidence that Chung is the best one, maybe even all time! HA!

Who cares about Brady's hair, he was microtome sharp today and the new younger defense impressed me, which aint easy. I want to blow out the Jets next week so bad it hurts.

On the last post, those dogs are hungry! Don't you feed them or what?

Oh yeah, I cooked more meat today, but it was really high end meat, so its cool.

Kid Dynamite said...

I forgot to mention that Detroit got absolutely robbed. that was a TD that Calvin Johnson caught at the end.

GYC - nothing is more apropos on NFL Sunday than smoked meats.

EconomicDisconnect said...

Well I do try and obey tradition!

KrazyBangs said...
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KrazyBangs said...

very other network highlights the team that "won" the game, but not

Spell check can't catch that "one"

We need a new Vegas trip report sooner than you think.

Yangabanga said...

Yes the new ticker sucks. It got stuck quite a few times too. Someone in the tech dept is getting fired. How f-ing hard is it to have a ticker that works that simply shows the scores, posession and game time??? you know, like they had last season. it'd be ok if it wasn't so distracting.