Friday, September 03, 2010

Taking It Down a Notch

My friend The Dude said I was making him feel dumb with all the math talk on the blog (hell - Nemo and D made ME feel dumb!) - so I figured I'd get back to basics here and post this video of a dog doing the merengue.  Thanks to all my commenters for the intelligent discussion in the math thread and the Nemo thread:

For good measure, here's an impossibly bizarre video about bed bugs from Isabella Rossellini:



EconomicDisconnect said...

Yeah this is better! I got dizzy on the last thread. Of course I did talk about disc diffusion assays tonight, but thats easy street.

Anonymous said...

i love merengue

The Bracelet said...

Rumor has it that this dude has taught his dog numerous routines. You can add to the merengue the charleston, the slide, the lambada, and the lick peanut butter off his owner's balls.

Yeah, I totally went there.