Monday, September 20, 2010

Dear Penthouse? or New York Times?

Ok, it's time for a new game here at Kid Dynamite's World.  I'll give you an excerpt of text, and you have to tell me if it's from Penthouse Letters, or the New York Times.

first up:

"The shirtless men circled and lunged at each other under the bright sun as the crowds watched, rapt, from the sidelines."

Ideas? Anyone?  Correct - NY Times.


"The men were barefoot and in shorts, their well-muscled torsos shaved and glistening with oil that flashed brute power as well as the ability to slip from an opponent’s grasp."

Ah HAH!  Tricked you - that's from the NY Times also - same article.  Seriously.
Last try:

"When I was a senior in college I was quarterback on the college football team, but what I was most interested in was my English teacher, Mrs. Miller, who I spent many nights dreaming about."

No, that's not a fond memory from Krugman's latest NY Times Op-ed, it's from Penthouse Letters (NSFW).



Yangabanga said...

I submitted that second one ;)

The Bracelet said...

Punjabi sports write-ups are where I get the majority of my masturbatory material. Just slightly more often than Bollywood dance sequences.

wcw said...

Trick question: that sentence likely was cribbed from the NYT, but in the original it used a prim 'about whom' construction.

Kid Dynamite said...

WCW - too grammar sophisticated for me, and yet I still laughed