Friday, September 03, 2010

Isn't It Ironic - Dontcha Think?

Hat tip to MISH for bringing this piece to my attention: "Teachers Union Has Labor Troubles of Its Own."  Some tidbits:

"Ohio's largest teachers union is having labor problems of its own.

Labor-relations consultants, who help local teachers unions negotiate contracts with school districts, and other employees of the Ohio Education Association walked off the job this morning."


"OEA officers and managers need to practice what they preach. It's a pretty high form of hypocrisy for OEA officers and managers to be giving us this treatment when they expect us to protect OEA members from the same treatment out in the schools," said Norm Young, president of the Professional Staff Union.

Young said the workers are dealing with the same issues they help teachers deal with - protecting pensions, health-care benefits, job security, workload and compensation.


"OEA officials said they respect the collective bargaining rights of the union, including its right to strike."

It's too early on a Friday for me to get into this, but I have some initial reactions:
1) Ironic?!?!?
2) Circular reference.... #N/A ?!?
3) This really should be from The Onion


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