Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hey NY TImes - How About a SPOILER ALERT?


In the DVR age, I watch almost nothing in real time.  At the least, I'll start a show 30 minutes late, speed through commercials, and finish shortly after the real time ending. if I start watching the DVR recording too soon, I catch up to real time, and have to watch commercials like a commoner.  It's a lot like this:

Internet sources have gotten much better at recognizing the fact that many viewers don't even watch the shows until a day or two later, and they no longer post spoiler headlines, even the next morning.  "LEE DEWYZE WINS AMERICAN IDOL," usually gets transformed into the non-spoiler "American Idol Crowns New Champ,"  letting you click the story if you want to know who won, and avoid ruining the surprise if you haven't yet watched.

The NY Times though, last night, had Lee Dewyze's victory splattered front and center on their main page last night less than an hour after he won.   Thanks for the spoiler alert, goofballs.



Taylor said...

KD -

No offense, but people that expect everybody to bend to the people that are too cool to watch things "live" are kind of like the people that get pissed off because restaurants don't have a special section based on their current diet.

Taylor said...

section of the menu, that is...

Kid Dynamite said...

taylor - the NY Times was not the norm here... the norm is what i wrote about in the post. that's all i was trying to say. the standard has quickly become to realize that a massive amount of people, for whatever reason, don't watch things live anymore, and to respect that fact. that's all.

we don't really need to get into a discussion of how in-apt the restaurant analogy is? it's just totally irrelevant. if a restaurant doesn't cater to your diet, you don't go there.

the Times, on the other hand, blasted this headline on the top of the front page so it was unavoidable, even to people who weren't expecting it or looking for it.

and oh, by the way - watching shows live, with commercials, is for losers


Anonymous said...

"and oh, by the way - watching shows live, with commercials, is for losers"

Uh, dude, watching shows is for losers. Seriously, American Idol? This is a lot like the gold Rolex test, which is pretty simple: if you have one, you fail.

Kid Dynamite said...

yeah - i can't really argue with that. guilty as charged.